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Global management requires global solutions. This is the reason that Prisma Cargo Solutions provides you as a manager flying around the world with a shipment monitoring device, internet accessability to your personal database 24 hours a day from wherever in the world you will be.  Just insert your tracking number on our website and you will able to monitor your maritime shipment from any point at any time.

Prisma Cargo Solutions is dedicated to long-term client relationships. Prisma provides companies with the kind of service companies are looking for when hiring new employees or a short term recruit. Prisma representative will advise management and corporate officer with proper paperwork from employers, moving lists, consular certificates, power of attorneys.  Managers relocating internationally are looking for the kind of professional service they strive in their careers. While they will be in contact with a Prisma representative through the entire journey they will benefit of the Prisma international network and worldwide Prisma agency hubs.
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Karsten Hansen

This winter I was contacted by Prisma for my move back to Germany. Maria, their sales representative was very helpful, she guided me through the enti...