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Prisma Cargo Solutions moves families all around the world on a daily basis with great care and dedication. When it comes to move your family it is very important that you plan in advance and prepare your family to work with the movers for a smooth and stress free relocation experience.

Moving requires a lot of changes in your personal life. For this reason it is important to choose a primal relocation leader you can rely on and who can guide you through the entire relocation process. Prisma representatives are there to assist you with your plans and decisions. Call them and discuss your needs and what kind of move makes sense for you.  Plan your time, see if you have enough time to go and buy boxes and packing materials or you want us to professionally pack your fragile items and valuable. Provide us with a detailed list of your belongings, if you have a musical instrument like a piano or a harp those are very delicate and need special care. Tell us in advance so that we can better assist you in protecting your most precious things. Tell us if you have a car so that we can put it on a Roro Shipment or in a dedicated container. If you are moving during the pick times - in the summer or during holidays- make sure to tell a Prisma representative about your plans so that they can reserve an available moving spot for you.
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Karsten Hansen

This winter I was contacted by Prisma for my move back to Germany. Maria, their sales representative was very helpful, she guided me through the enti...